Simulator Sled Project

The simulator sled project started out as a way to solve a problem of having to make a desk into a car and a plane.  I tried a commercial Playseat, and it worked for driving, but not flying.  I then looked around at a bunch of commercial offerings and either a) didn’t like the price, or b) didn’t like how it worked.  So I set out to design my own.

If you found this site you either want to learn more about the sled, or you want the blueprints so you can build your own.  If you want me to build one for you, well you are out of luck there.  However, if you want either of the first two items, I’ve got you covered.


The information related to the blueprints are on this page:

Simulator Blueprints

How-To Videos

The index of videos can be found on this page:

The current Simulator Sled design