Frame of the simulator sled

My Approach

When I look at the world, I am always asking myself, “how can I make something better?”  Being the self-sufficient type, my next thought is, “how hard could it be?”  This usually leads to me going head first into a a project that ends up consuming me for years.  However, this also leads to me learning a tremendous amount about so many different things.

Where did this come from?

Ever since I was a young boy, I built stuff.  Models that couldn’t be accurate enough, tools, parts for my cars, and eventually expansions for my house.  This lead to various jobs in many industries as a young man, but despite my daily job, creating and tinkering has been something I have done for decades.  I grew up without much money so everything I did had to be on the cheap, but as good as any top tier product or service.  This mentality sticks with me today and that is a large reason why I give most of what I make away for nothing.


Gran Fondo Category 1 Climb

Yes, I like to cycle, and I live in a hilly region.  That doesn’t make me a good climber, because I am too hefty for that.  However, it does make for a fast decent!  I race in local Gran Fondo’s from time to time, and can be found flying my Autodesk colors.